Decoding Your Body's Signals: Deficiencies and Natural RemediesDecoding Your Body's Signals: Deficiencies and Natural Remediesaption

Cracking joints may signal low calcium; eat milk, dairy, and peanut butter

CaptionBleeding gums may result from a lack of vitamin C; opt for Amla, lemon, guava, and orange.

Weak nails and hair loss can suggest biotin deficiency; try probiotic-rich foods and apple cider vinegar

White nail spots could indicate zinc deficiency; reduce sugary treats and eat lentils, legumes, seeds, and nuts

Cracked heels, bloodshot eyes, and lip ulcers may be linked to junk food; prioritize nutrient-rich sprouts

A pale face and dull lips may indicate low iron and hemoglobin; include iron-rich foods like beetroot, carrot, pomegranate, and apple.

Thyroid issues might cause loss of eyebrows, puffy eyes, and nail lines; focus on wholesome foods and exerciseaption

Uneven nails and poor night vision may be due to vitamin A deficiency; enhance absorption with ghee and cold-pressed oils